Unfortunately, I am not talking about an artifact for the city of Troy, nor is it a memory memorabilia from a movie about Helen of Troy; this is a story about an amateur antique collector and an antique piece that almost destroyed his collection. A number of years ago, during the beginning of my interest in collecting antiques, I went to a small town that was holding a night market selling an assortment of things. I was able to purchase some things, one of them was a wooden carving I got straight from the delivery truck of one of the merchants, still dusty and unapprised I was able to get it cheap, or so I though.

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Months passed and most of the items I bought that time were left inside a storage unit, waiting to be sorted out. Finally having free time I was able to visit the storage unit to start sorting out the pieces I was able to purchase throughout the months, only to discover that one of the pieces I bought had termites in it and spread it through the collection. To avoid pests you one thing that you can do is clean your carpets at least every week.

I had learned my lesson, each time I am interested in purchasing a piece I would thoroughly check it and not leave anything to chance. I now sort and catalog everything in a weekly basis to make sure that what happened can no longer happen again. Getting rid of pests is easy when you know who to call. Check out Tallahassee plumber.