Here Are the 7 Steps You Should Take Towards Pain-Free Back

There are a lot of pains that are far worse than back pain, but unlike most of those other pains back pain often time restrict your movement and might even keep you completely immobile. There are times when you just can’t avoid injuries like these, accidents happen and sometimes they are back related. But you can still avoid the ones that are caused by bad habits and injuries due to your direct actions. Here are the 7 steps you should take towards a pain-free back.


  1. Injury Prevention

We often see those posters in our workplace stating “Protect your back” or “Proper method of lifting” which shows you how to lift up heavy objects while avoiding back injuries. Prevention is still better than cure, avoiding a back injury is the best thing you can do to getting a pain-free back. Simple actions such as lifting with your leg, and not carrying something beyond or nearing your limit can save you a lot of pain or even your life.

  1. Keep in Shape

If you really need to do all that lifting, you need to keep in shape. A healthy diet and exercise is essential to keep a sturdy body, much more a sturdy back. Developing back muscles will increase the overall structural integrity of your spine, not to mention you will look taller.

back extension

  1. Don’t Sit All Day

If you can do all that keeping in shape as an everyday routine, and your work involves you sitting all day you should at the very least give yourself time to stand and stretch your body. Sitting for long periods of time actually causes a lot of stress on your back, to combat this you must make your workout routine designed to strengthen your back to reduce the stress put on your spine.

  1. Avoid Sudden Movements

Depending on how fit you are the likelihood of you injuring your back due to sudden movements will vary, but either way you still can get injured. Keep calm and avoid abusing your body, unless in circumstances of emergencies or anything of the like you should avoid sudden movements. I once injured my neck really badly when running away from a friend whom I played a prank on, my body was going faster than my head due to the sudden movement, causing something similar to a whiplash. That ruined the whole day; I had to take pain killers and anti-inflammatories. So yeah, avoid unnecessary sudden movements.

  1. Proper Posture

Yes, it’s not just to look good. I am quite certain that you know this already, but bad posture is bad for your body. Keeping a good posture will allow your structure to absorb shock and stress more effectively, reducing the likelihood of getting injured.

Human Skeleton

  1. A Good Chair

Let’s face it, most people work in offices sitting all day. Yes, I already said don’t sit all day, but sometimes you don’t have a choice do you? It doesn’t completely take away the stress on your back caused by sitting but a good chair that allows you to sit properly and help you absorb some of that weight you put on your back. Some people even opt for sitting on an exercise ball.

  1. Breathing Properly

Yes, there is a proper way to do that too. I don’t do it much myself, but breathing properly; concentrating on your belly will allow you back muscles to support your spine better, will reduce the stress put on your back, thus reducing the likelihood of a back injury.